Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

Part 4


Disaster's on its way, for sure,
For this libation is liqueur.

Inquisitive Hans Huckebein
Inserts his beak - this does smell fine!

Contentedly, he takes a nip
And wets his whistle with a sip.

Not bad at all! - he thinks, and then
His beak submerges once again.

He lifts the glass and slurps the rest
Because the last drop tastes the best.

This feeling is amazing,
So light, yet oddly dazing!

Quite merrily, he caws and crows,
Assuming a most graceful pose.

The bird, a creature of the wing,
Becomes a creeping, crawling thing.

To be more rowdy than one should
Will ruin everything for good.

He tears with a malicious jerk
Aunt Lotte's artful needlework.

The table's slick - he flaps his wings -
The end is near - the villain swings!

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